The Laboratory of the Future

Nowadays the lab of the future is driven by the fast changing new technologies and by the high demands of customers. The lab of the future will probably change completely in appearance from the laboratories we have nowadays. New technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, high-tech devices or cloud computing will bring big transformations to the lab of the future, which will be a paperless lab.  


Moreover, the lab could become interconnected with simple long-distance access given to workers, who could support each other remotely in real time. The lab of the future will be focused on reducing emissions, physical waste as well as optimising storage, energy and human resources. All this will be done with the rapid advancement of technologies, which will determine the reshuffling of the future laboratories, which we already see happening.


This section will provide all the latest news, advancements and changes occurring in the laboratories of today for the laboratories of the future, including:

  • Digital single market

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Internet-of-things

  • 5G communication

  • Data management

  • Cybersecurity

  • Quantum computation & communication

  • Machine Learning

EUROLAB has released a Special Briefing, focused on the latest developments related to the topic of the laboratory of the future

EUROLAB has published a Special Briefing on the topic of Laboratory of the future and the fast changing environment in which laboratories are operating and rethinking their processes.

EUROLAB presentation on "How to Become the Lab of the Future"

More insights on the new developments for the laboratories of the future

Analytica's World's Leading Trade Fair and Conference for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology

This year's conference and exhibition will be focused on the digital tranformation processes and their impact on the laboratory of the future

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