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17th IMEKO TC 10 and EUROLAB Virtual Conference: “Global Trends in Testing, Diagnostics & Inspection for 2030” to be held online, on October 20-22, 2020

The conference jointly organized by IMEKO and EUROLAB will be held online on October 20-22, 2020, and has the aim to enhance the co-operation on global level, building a great opportunity to see worldwide top specialists with professional experience in industry, universities, research & development as well as in metrology, testing, inspection, diagnostics and certification. 

It will be a virtual forum with worldwide scope for exchanging ideas about challenges for the third decade of the new millennium, with focus on new technologies, techniques, methods, standards, conformity assessment, quality management and their application in industrial processes and scientific community.

The topics that will be discussed will be as follows:

  • Basic principles and development trends in testing, diagnostics and inspection

  • Condition monitoring and maintenance of industrial processes, plants and complex systems: measurements and methods

  • Global market novelties and challenges for metrology and the TIC sector (Testing, Inspection and Certification)

  • New regulatory framework, standards and other normative documents for safety of industrial products, food safety, health and environmental protection

  • Competence and Quality management in the TIC sector, scientific community, industry, and accreditation

  • Information management and privacy protection

  • Risk management in the TIC sector

  • Metrological traceability in testing, inspection and diagnostics

  • Measurement uncertainty

  • Verification and validation of methods

  • Inter-laboratory comparisons (ILC) and Proficiency Testing (PT) Schemes

  • Condition monitoring training as part of the university curriculum

  • Quality assurance in condition monitoring

  • Novelties and trends in digital transformation of processes

  • Measurements, testing, inspection and diagnostics for industry 4.0

  • Data Analytics, artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning for testing, diagnostics and inspection

  • Testing, diagnostics and inspection for the improvement of quality of life and environment

  • Technical testing, diagnostics and inspection for Cyber security

Keynote Speakers and talks:

  • Etty Feller, Israel - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, Chair - National Accreditation International Recognition the ILAC MRA

  • Jeff Gust, USA - FLUKE Chief Corporate Metrologist, Chairperson of ILAC Laboratory Committee Past President, member of the NCSLi Executive and VP for Outreach - Challenges and Opportunities for Calibration Laboratories 2020 to 2050

  • Vicki Barwick, United Kingdom - Eurachem Chair; Head of Commercial Training, National Measurement Laboratory - Ensuring the quality of analytical measurements – current support and future challenges

  • Paolo Moscatti, Italy - Presidente, TEC Eurolab Srl - Scalable Computed Tomography analysis for Additive Manufacturing

  • Bernd Kroon, Netherlands - Member of Board EUROLAB aisbl - The ‘post-modern’ TIC laboratory

  • Siniša Prugovečki, Croatia - General Manager - LorisQ Inc. (USA), Metroteka d.o.o. (Croatia) - Global Networking in the Cloud as a Way to Predictive Measuring Equipment Maintenance

  • Davor Rubinić, Croatia - Solution Line Manager, Siemens Energy d.o.o. - Digitalization Trends and Solutions for Tank Terminals

  • Michael H. Ramsey, United Kingdom - Emeritus Professor at University of Sussex - Measurement Uncertainty from Sampling: Implication for Testing, Diagnostic and Inspection

  • Primož Hafner, Slovenia - Lotrič Metrology d.o.o. technical manager - Medical face mask testings

For more information regarding the event and the registration, please see:


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