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World Metrology Day 2023

On the occasion of the World Metrology Day, EUROLAB wants to highlight the essential role of laboratories in the global food system.

Food product testing is vitally necessary, to assure that the food is free of physical, chemical, and biological hazards and also determines the safety of the food for use.
Food quality testing laboratories help ensure suitability for consumption by checking them for any contaminants and perform quality analysis on parameters such as pH, consistency, nutritional levels, consistency of chemical composition, degradation (expiry dates), also test for storage conditions and microbiological activity.

On 19 May, Laura Martin, EUROLAB Secretary General, joined the conference organised by the Croatian Metrology Society, in collaboration with the Teaching Institute of Public Health "Dr. Andrija Štampar", under the theme of the World Metrology Day "Measurements Supporting the Global Food System".

The event focused on the importance of measurements in the food industry ("From Farm to Table") to ensure food safety and quality, and Ms. Martin specifically discussed the role of laboratories in fighting food fraud.

Watch the recording here: 

Join us as we celebrate the role of measurement science in facing the increasing challenges of climate change and global distribution of food in a world whose population is constantly growing.

Find out more about this year's theme for the Metrology Day:


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