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World Metrology Day: 20 May 2022

Today we join the measurement community to celebrate the World Metrology Day with a contribution from our Board Member Álvaro Silva Ribeiro from RELACRE - Associação de Laboratórios Acreditados de Portugal.

Measurement science plays an integral role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing, international trade and in protecting the global environment. Reliable and accurate measurements are also essential for the provision of high-quality health services.

The theme for 2022 is Metrology in the Digital Era, find out more on the official website, and enjoy our video contribution!

EUROLAB President, Paolo Moscatti, also participated in a joint statement with EURAMET to celebrate the World Metrology Day:

“A successful digital transformation requires not only the right set of tools but also the adequate expertise, guidance and resources to ensure the best outcome. [...] Organisations such as EUROLAB and EURAMET are here to provide top level expertise acting as interactive platforms for the exchange of best practices, techniques and knowledge to ease the transition towards the digitalised lab of the future.”

Read here the full quote.


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