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World Laboratory Day 2024

On 23 April 2024, join us as we celebrate the World Laboratory Day and the vital role that laboratories play in our daily lives.

"The landscape of laboratories is evolving rapidly, with digitalisation standing out as a key area that demands our attention to achieve the goals of the Lab of the Future. The digitalisation process has revolutionised data collection, analysis, and sharing, propelling research across diverse fields from medicine to environmental science. As we acknowledge the pivotal role laboratories play in advancing human knowledge, we also recognise the critical role of digitalisation in propelling us towards a brighter, more connected future.

Among the various challenges in technical innovation, we must not overlook other vital areas where laboratories are essential, influencing the evolution of the laboratory community itself. These encompass sustainability, food safety and quality, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity, energy efficiency, manufacturing industry, construction industry and more.

EUROLAB is committed to disseminating information on ongoing discussions and advancements in these realms, facilitating the exchange of new methods and developments among our members and stakeholders. We are confident in the potential of diverse digitalisation methods to enhance and support conformity assessment procedures, ultimately mitigating associated risks."

EUROLAB President, Paolo Moscatti

For more details on our activities, you can read our Annual Report 2023 here!

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