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World Laboratory Day 2023

On 23 April 2023, join us as we celebrate the World Laboratory Day and the importance of laboratories in our daily actions.

The world of laboratories is changing fast. On the background of the raising digitalisation, various processes and structures need to be rethought to build the labs of the future. Enabling technologies will certainly be the protagonists of change, with the necessity to handle big amount of data, which creates new needs in terms of storage and cybersecurity. But in this process, we cannot forget about the human aspect and the evolutions taking place in industrial relations. We are not only experiencing an intensive application of smart working, but even more, especially among the new generations, a different valorisation of work that cannot avoid considering all other aspects of personal and social life.

Finally, laboratories as well will have to take on ESG objectives and prepare to become “green labs”. EUROLAB's focus on the lab of the future goes in the direction of all these developments.

Find out more about EUROLAB's activities, especially in the field of laboratories and the Lab of the Future, in our Annual Report 2022, available here.


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