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World Laboratory Day 2022

23 April 2022 marks World Laboratory Day.

EUROLAB celebrates the importance of laboratories in our daily actions through a quote by its President, Paolo Moscatti:

“Laboratories are essential for human life and for the organization of its social and environmental interactions. Nowadays it would be impossible to make decisions about our health, safety and quality of the environment, food, goods, industrial products, without the support of data provided by laboratories.

Furthermore, every economic transaction has always been regulated by measurements and the reliability of the measurements is ensured by the laboratories that calibrate the measuring instruments. There is a close correlation between the activities of the laboratories, the quality of the data they produce, the quality of the decisions we make and, ultimately, the quality of our life.

Last but not least, the laboratories’ environment is fast evolving, which brings more added value for the society, by accelerating new discoveries through effective use of data, robotics, AI and machine learning.”

Laboratories: at the service of health, environment, industry, and trade.

Better Lab, Better Life!


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