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TIC Summit 2022 - 1 June

On Wednesday 1 June 2022, TIC Council will host a discussion on the relevant partnerships that need to be set up for an effective deployment of a sustainability vision within globally fragmented supply chains.

In a world of global supply chains, ensuring transparency throughout a product’s lifecycle can be a daunting challenge for companies: it requires a shift in mindset, rules, and traceability among various economic operators within a supply chain. Regulators are currently considering how new legislative requirements and financing instruments can trigger and support this change. For example, the EU is developing a regulatory framework aimed at introducing due diligence for sustainability across supplies chains as part of the EU Green Deal. Given the deeply intertwined natures of global economies, it is possible that European measures will have global spill-overs and will affect markets across the world.

TIC Council will bring together policymakers, industry captains, NGOs and legal experts, who will engage in a dialogue addressing the growing political and legal challenges of embedding sustainability into supply chains, while avoiding greenwashing.

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