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Join the EUROLAB webinar “Build a sustainability culture in your lab”

The upcoming EUROLAB webinar “Build a sustainability culture in your lab. Learn about the latest policy developments and innovative best practices from key experts in the field” will take place online on 29 November 2023 in the afternoon and 30 November 2023 in the morning.

The event aims to raise awareness on the framework of EU legislations regulating sustainability aspects in the laboratory field and standardisation activities on the matter, as well as to identify the key practices and challenges from the various invited stakeholders.

See the full program here.

The first part of this webinar will focus on a selection of the current EU legislations and policies under development or recently adopted in the frame of the European Green Deal. It will also include standardisation developments at the international level. In the second part of the webinar, more practical aspects will be touched upon, focusing specifically on the benefits and challenges of implementing more sustainable practices in laboratories. Concrete case studies and examples will be presented by laboratory practitioners, to showcase current green strategies already available and identify the main obstacles to further advancements.

The webinar has a participation fee of 140€ for non-members, 95€ for EUROLAB members and members of the national EUROLAB associations and 70€ for students (all ticketing fees included).

Register by 26 November:

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