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EUROLAB TCQA Working Groups are open to everyone!

The EUROLAB Technical Committee on Quality Assurance (TCQA) took place alongside the EUROLAB General Assembly & Accompanying Events in Vienna, on 18 April. 

This meeting represented a key milestone for the future development and restructuring of this committee through the creation of the four new Working Groups (WGs):

  • Accreditation & Standardisation, focusing on key issues such as accreditation for new legislations (AI, ESG, Cyber Security, etc.), standards revisions and new work items, representation and cooperation with National Standardisation and Accreditation Bodies and Organisations, etc. 

  • Sustainability, addressing many topics among which the implementation of the new directive CSRD, management of resources and energy saving, reduce the use of hazardous chemicals, use of recyclable materials, labs waste management, etc.

  • Digitalisation, focusing on the Lab of the Future with its different aspects covering projects, training and publications around smart and sustainable digitalisations strategies, use of AI and Blockchain technologies, data and information security, interoperability of Laboratory equipment and robotics, digital certificates, etc.

  • Cook Books and Technical Reports, focused on the translation, reviewal, drafting of existing or new Cook Books and technical reports (find them here) and the creation of a Labs Library.

During the meeting in Vienna, attention was given to the roadmaps and the identification of key topics to be further developed by the WGs. Dr. Andreas Kinzel, Chair of TCQA, presented the recent WGs updates, with active involvement and feedback from the members who shared new ideas and valuable inputs.

We want to remind you that these Working Groups are OPEN to EVERYONE: EUROLAB Members, Stakeholders and External Experts.

If interested, please write us an email at and we are happy to provide you with further information!


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