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EUROLAB session at the 6th IMEKOFOODS

The 6th IMEKOFOODS Conference, jointly organised by IMEKO TC 23 “Metrology in Foods and Nutrition” and EUROLAB, will take place in Dubrovnik (Croatia) and online from 7 to 9 November 2022, with the title “Food on a global market – opportunities and threats”.

The purpose of the event will be to strengthen the links between globalization, metrology, nutrition, food safety and food quality.

EUROLAB Secretary General, Laura Martin, will provide a keynote presentation on EUROLAB scope, membership, activities, committees, projects and international collaboration with key stakeholders, which will conclude with a focus on food fraud. 

The speech will outline key data about food counterfeits, characteristics and types of food fraud and the impact that counterfeits can have on consumers’ safety, concluding with the importance of accurate testing and analysis to minimise the risk of food fraud and to easier identify the fraudulent food products.

Find here the preliminary program.

For more information and registration to the Conference please visit


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