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EUROLAB publishes its new leaflet

EUROLAB is an European federation of national associations, founded in 1990, which represents and voices the opinions of accredited measurement, testing and analytical laboratories regarding economic, political and technical issues having a direct impact on laboratories' activities both on the European scene and worldwide. EUROLAB groups together 25 National Associations of accredited laboratories resulting in 3000 Conformity Assessment Bodies, 150K Professional Experts, 9000 Accredited Laboratories.

One of the key activities and publications of EUROLAB are the 'Cook Books' on laboratory operations and procedures. These Cook Books are short documents on quality issues to help laboratories comply with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. They are based on experience and extensive discussions within the EUROLAB Technical Committee on Quality Assurance (TCQA).

Additionally, building up on its strategy, EUROLAB engages with the EU institutions and other stakeholders of interest in order to communicate relevant messages, exchange ideas and best practices, and develop further cooperation.

See the EUROLAB new leaflet and find out more information by clicking this link.


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