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EUROLAB publishes a new Position Paper on AI in Conformity Assessment

In thanking the EC for the release of a white paper on artificial intelligence, in which risks and opportunities of AI are clearly highlighted, EUROLAB has decided to develop and publish a position paper that aims to further expand on the role of AI in conformity assessment.

This position paper is short and focused. It aims to address the question on how to deal with AI in the context of conformity assessment. It voices EUROLAB’s position on the role AI can play in accredited conformity assessment. 

This paper clearly points out that AI requires certified calibration against standards, in order to be able to judge the quality of its deductive or reasoning performance. In case such AI-standards do not yet exist, their provisioning should build upon the quality infrastructure that has proven its value in Europe. EUROLAB advises to appoint a European working group made up of manufacturers, software developers, conformity assessment bodies, and research and development institutions. 

It concludes that - while AI is a tool that will (and already does) enhance and improve the service of conformity assessment - it should never replace conformity assessment by an accredited CAB.

Find the position paper here.


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