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EUROLAB and IMEKO officially invite you to the 45-minute Discussion Club “TIC talks”

On 1st of March 2022, at 13:00 CET, Álvaro Silva Ribeiro, former EUROLAB President and current Board Member & President of RELACRE, will be the moderator of the discussion room called “Lab of the future”. This event is organised by IMEKO and supported by EUROLAB as part of the joint EUROLAB-IMEKO closed collaboration and signed MoU. The event will take place online (click here to join the meeting) and is free of charge for participants.

Short description of the discussion topic:

The use of new technological trends found in Industry requires new approaches to meet the requirements in materials, products, and services for which conformity assessment is key to assure safety and quality of life. Growing demands related to digital transformation, 5G communication, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, among others, are strongly connected to innovation in labs. This requires also thinking about how labs will face major challenges of sustainability, cybersecurity, competence, and the human role in new types of organizations. Labs and TIC industry are changing quickly to provide safety and quality in a new global framework.

Briefly about the moderator:

Álvaro Silva Ribeiro has a PhD in Physics, with a career-related labs of 30 years. He is Head of the Metrological Quality Division, Quality Manager, and Head of Hydraulic Metrology Lab in the Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering. He is a former president of EUROLAB aisbl (2015-2021) and president of RELACRE (Portuguese Association of Accredited Laboratories) since 2012. He has several R&I interests namely related to traceability and measurement science, mathematical and computational tools, measurement uncertainty, data management, and quality management systems.

Thank you for your interest!


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