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CEN and CENELEC make freely available a series of guidelines for PPE standards

The COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented crisis has brought together the main standardization and governing bodies of the EU in order to build up innovative and long-term solutions for socio-economic recovery – such as the EU Recovery Plan.

In this context, and in response to a request from the European Commission, CEN and CENELEC have decided to freely distribute a series of European standards for medical devices, ventilators and personal protective equipment, more commonly known as PPEs. Developed with the aid of several European industry experts, this single model - CWA 17553:2020 – aims to be adopted as a single standard of reference all over the European region, thus avoiding possible conflicts and fragmentation of responses.

According to Elena Santiago Cid, director general of CEN and CENELEC, this is only the first step on the road toward providing an effective common framework for safety and sustainability for European manufacturers, ensuring the correct application of the New Legislative Framework (NLF).

For further information, read more here.


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