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Harmonisation of Assessors - Feedback Mailbox
Purpose of the mailbox

This mailbox has been created as part of the EUROLAB project ‘Harmonisation of Assessors’. Currently there is a lack of harmonisation of assessors in Europe. Thus, the aim of the project is to contribute to the efforts of ILAC and EA to address the existing inconsistencies and improve the harmonisation of assessors.


This mailbox has as a main objective to allow EUROLAB to gather feedback on the experience of accredited laboratories with National Accreditation Bodies (NABs). The idea behind this mailbox is to identify the most common problems encountered during the assessments of accredited laboratories. For that purpose, accredited laboratories are invited to submit their input by filling out the questionnaire.

Instructions for use


To submit your input, please complete the questionnaire. All feedback received will be kept confidential and will be used by EUROLAB for the purpose of its project. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Laboratory name

Accreditation body

Type of assessor (leader, auditor, technical expert, etc.)

Type of tests/calibrations assessed (food, environmental, construction, etc.)

Problems with the competence and the experience of assessors (not enough, not adequate, etc.)

Problems with the structure of the audit? (opening meeting, sampling of records, employee interviews, redaction of deviations, closing meeting following internal procedures, etc.)

Problems with the behaviour of the assessor during the audit? (when explaining the findings, listening to the laboratory explanations, open-minded etc.)

Problems with the criteria used during the audit? (not clear, different from other auditors, etc.)

Did you get any solution to the problems? If yes, was this solution satisfactory to the laboratory?



Thank you for your feedback!

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