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Highlights - EUROLAB & NLA South Africa workshop “Towards the Lab of the Future”

On 5 July, the joint EUROLAB – NLA South Africa online workshop “Towards the Lab of the Future. Embracing today's challenges to meet tomorrow's opportunities.” took place, as part of the Test & Measurement Workshop Series 2023 organised by our international affiliate member NLA South Africa.

Speakers ranged from the laboratory and industry sectors to international organisations, national accreditation bodies and regional institutions. The final workshop with a practical automation demonstration and the Q&A allowed participants to have a concrete experience of the practices mentioned during the sessions and further engage with the speakers.

The detailed agenda is available here.

The workshop highlighted some of the key issues that laboratories are facing and the developments that are currently being implemented in the digitalisation process, mostly focusing on the Lab of the Future advancements in Africa. Participants could benefit of French and Portuguese translation supported by the UNIDO-implemented GQSP-SA Phase II project.

We want to thank the more than 160 participants who joined the event, the whole NLA South Africa team for the great collaboration, UNIDO for supporting the event, and all the brilliant speakers for their insightful presentations. We look forward to further working together on the topic of the Lab of the Future and not only!

Registration to the next events of the T&M Workshop Series 2023 organised by NLA South Africa is still available here:


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