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21st International Metrology Congress - Dedicated offer for EUROLAB Members

We are glad to inform our Members of the possibility to register to the 21st International Metrology Congress – CIM 2023 at a reduced fee dedicated to EUROLAB Members only.

CIM 2023 will take place from 7 to 10 March in Lyon, France. The event represents the occasion where metrology meets science, industry and Quality Infrastructure bodies. It promotes the development of solutions to respond to global key challenges, especially by ensuring that we can trust in measurements.

The Congress will take place under three key themes: Industry 4.0, Health, and Climate Challenges. It will include 200 conferences divided up into technical sessions, poster presentations, and Round Tables.
Find more information in the attached program and on the website.

The discount for EUROLAB Members works as follows: the more people registering at CIM 2023 and coming from EUROLAB, the more the discount increases.

1 x 4 day ticket + gala dinner = normal rate

2 x 4 day ticket + gala dinner = a gala offered

From 3 tickets = 12% discount of the total amount

From 5 tickets = 20% discount of the total amount

10 tickets = 34% discount of the total amount

EUROLAB Members who wish to join the Congress should contact us by 24 February 2023.


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