The history of the POLLAB Polish Research Laboratories' Club goes back to the nineties when a group of people was formed under the patronage of the Central Bureau of Quality Products (CBJW), which understood the necessity of creating a joint organization that would allow Polish laboratories to be closer to the requirements of Western Europe and the world and providing support in implementing new solutions system.


This group of representatives interested in confirming the competence of laboratories for research, allowing for obtaining credible, reliable and useful results, has decided to establish a joint organization.


Prof. Ewa Bulska 
Klobucka Str. 23A
02-699 WARSAW

Phone: +48 22 64 45 503
Fax:+48 22 64 45 556
Email: pollab@pcbc.gov.pl
and ebulska@chem.uw.edu.pl
Web: www.pollab.pl


Contact person

Mr. Andrzej Brzyski

Email: a.brzyski@wp.pl