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       Testing 01/08/2013

ACUSTILAB, the technical committee on acoustics of EUROLAB Spain, has launched an international proficiency testing exercise on ABSORTION tests.

Madrid June 8, 2013

Dear all,

We address all you to inform them of the proficiency test prog ram, AQUS-TUBE IMPEDANCE_1 which we intend to manage this year from ACUSTILAB, in conjunction with RPS-Qualitas.

Firstly, we consider opportune to introduce the organizations that manage the program, it is the network of laboratories of acoustics, ACUSTILAB, which operates within EUROLAB-Spain, and on the other hand RPS-Qualitas, company dedicated to developing consultancy and technical assistance directed to laboratories. The main objective of these organizations is to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of laboratories, in all its actions. ACUSTILAB - RPS-Qualitas, has as main aim activities round robin in the field of acoustics and vibrations, carried out with full guarantees according to international standards application.

Aware of the extraordinary importance of the results of the intercomparisons, understood as relating precisely to the quality control, we have seen fit to offer this exercise round robin, on the measurement of coefficient of sound absorption in impedance tube, to know the State of the art in the application of this standard method. As acoustic laboratory network, we believe that it is very important to have safe data precision in measurement of absorbent materials behavior, given its application in acoustic conditioning of halls and noise control.

The intercomparison programme AQUS-TUBE IMPEDANCE_1 is unique in scope and it is closed in the period of implementation, the Proficiency Testing program will be specified in detail the planning activities to develop. As most relevant milestone I want to underline, that the organization ACUSTILAB-RPS-Qualitas is committed to send final reports to participants at the end of December 2013, and in February of 2014 will convene the participants to a final meeting, where the publication of the final global report will be decided.

If you are interested in participating please submit the Pre-registration sheet duly completed, to the email address within seven days from receipt, the Coordinator of the programme inform each participant or not to participate in the program. I pray that submit us pre-registration sheet with the greatest speed possible, to perform the formalities of registration and carry out the testing on the planned dates.

Kind regards,

Juan Sancho Gil

Program Coordinator


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