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       Events 07/05/2018
Highlights: EUROLAB General Assembly and Annual Meetings 2018

The EUROLAB General Assembly and Annual Meetings 2018 took place in Varna, Bulgaria, on 19 and 20 April 2018 and were kindly hosted by BULLAB.

The EUROLAB events started on Thursday morning, 19 April, with the TCQA Meeting, followed by the International Conference in the afternoon. On the same day, EUROLAB participated in a press conference kindly organised by BULLAB, where the EUROLAB President and Vice-Presidents, together with the BULLAB representatives had the opportunity to introduce EUROLAB, its activities and its members. EUROLAB plays an important role in international cooperation with many stakeholders in the TIC Sector framework. It was also pointed out that that the activities of the laboratories and the assessment of conformity are critical activities in today's world needed to assure consumers’ confidence, being a pillar of sustainability for safety and quality of life.

The EUROLAB Board Meeting took place on Friday morning, 20 April, being followed by the EUROLAB General Assembly, the same day. During the General Assembly, EUROLAB held elections to the Board of Administrators, including the re-election of the EUROLAB President, one EUROLAB Vice-President and Treasurer, as well as the election of two new Board Members. 

For further information regarding the events, please download the highlights which present an overview of the main topics discussed and decisions taken during the meetings.

Should you have any questions, please contact the EUROLAB General Secretariat:

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