Aims and Activities

EUROLAB is a not-for-profit organisation composed of 25 national associations all over the Europe. Grouping more than 3 000 conformity assessment bodies (CAB) members, over 9 000 accredited laboratories and representing over 150,000 professionals.

EUROLAB General Objective

Promote cost-effective testing, calibration and measurement services, for which the accuracy and quality assurance requirements were adjusted to the actual needs.

Key Objectives:


Representation by formulating and voicing the opinion of laboratories regarding economic, political and technical issues having a direct impact on laboratories’ activities both on the European scene and world-wide.


Co-ordination by interfacing with organisations having activities of interest to the laboratory community, and striving to avoid duplication of efforts and activities.


EUROLAB should be the major multisectorial and horizontal forum for the circulation and exchange of information and experience in development of:

  • Test, measurement and analytical methods
  • The use of test and analytical results in the implementation of legislation and directives, in product certification and acceptance, and in technical evaluations
  • New measurement and testing techniques for example within the EC framework programmes, as well as
  • Quality assurance measures
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