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       Testing 23/02/2017
The role of laboratories in testing, inspection and certification

We hereby have the pleasure to announce the publication of the EUROLAB Policy Paper, presenting you the role of laboratories in testing, inspection and certification.

This paper provides you with an overview of the European Conformity Assessment System and it presents the role of accreditation for the laboratories. In addition, it shows an overview of the main challenges for the laboratories in a changing world.

The EUROLAB Policy Paper also introduces an overview of the current developments in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector, including the TIC market segments and trends.

An important chapter is dedicated to the EUROLAB profile and its future aims and activities. The main goal of EUROLAB and its members is to be recognised as the voice of safety, compliance and quality in Europe and world-wide. The laboratory community must be valued for its contribution to the improvement of quality and reliability of testing, and its role for making sure that the liberalisation of trade is not detrimental to health, safety and environmental protection.

The EUROLAB Policy Paper can be downloaded here. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, at

We wish you enjoyable reading.

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