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       Testing 29/02/2016
UILI Inter Laboratory Practice Program 2016-2017
The Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI), ILP Committee is organising the Inter Laboratory Practice Program 2016-2017, a global comparative study of laboratory analysis. The UILI ILP Program will focus on 8 different materials and the methods of testing for each lab are free.

The UILI ILP for 2016 comprises the following four programs:

  • 10th UILI ILP 2016: Cations and anions in natural water;
  • 11th UILI ILP 2016: Fat, Acidity, Dry Matter, Protein, Ash, Content, pH in milk;
  • 12th UILI ILP 2016: Esterols, Erythrodiol+Uvaole, Wax, Acidity, Peroxide index, UV spectrophotometric test, Delta ECN 42 and insoluble impurities in olive oil;
  • 13th UILI ILP 2016: Nutritional labelling.

The UILI ILP for 2017 comprises the following four programs:

  • 14th UILI ILP 2017: Phosphate, Silicate and Nitrate in water;
  • 15th UILI ILP 2017: pH, Density, Alcoholic Strength, Total Acidity and Total Sugars in wine;
  • 16th UILI ILP 2017: Dimensional Stability during laundering and domestic drying, Force by Traction and lengthening at rupture point, Abrasion Resistance – Martindale in textiles;
  • 17th UILI ILP 2017: Conductivity, Sedimentable solids, Solid soluble sulfides, COD, BOD, Hydrocarbons, Coliforms, Detergents, Phenolics and Metals in river wate.

For more information about the Inter Laboratory Practice please download the official announcement. If you have any further questions regarding the Program you can contact the UILI Secretariat at:

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