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       Testing 28/02/2013
UILI-ILP (Inter-Laboratory Practice 7th)

1. Name of the proficiency test

7th UILI Inter-Laboratory Practice 2013 – “Metals in drinking water and saline water”

Sample 1: 'Metals in drinking water’
Sample 2: ‘Metals in saline water’
(Salinity: approximately 30 ‰ seawater composition)

2. Provider

Union Internationale des Laboratoires Indépendants (UILI), ILP Committee.

3. Time schedule

a) Deadline of application : January 31, 2013
b) Distribution of test samples : Mid-February, 2013
c) Deadline of reporting : April 7, 2013
d) Issue of final report : September, 2013

- No reports, including resubmitting, after due date are accepted.
- Date of sample distribution differs among participants according to application date and shipping condition.

4. Method of participation

Send E-mail to Ms. Francine Fortier (UILI secretary).
E-mail: or register on the UILI website

Please notify the information below in your email:
a) Full name of your company/organization/institution and laboratory
b) Postal address of your laboratory (including country name and zip code)
c) Full name of contact person
d) Phone number of contact person (including country code)
e) E-mail address of contact person
f) UILI Member or non-member

5. Participation fee

a) Participation fee
UILI Member : € 200.00 ( for 1 set, not for 1 bottle)
UILI Non-Member : € 300.00 ( for 1 set, not for 1 bottle)

b) Method of payment
Invoice will be sent to you by e-mail after your application is completed.

c) Participation fee includes:
1) Testing samples
2) Shipping charge for samples
3) Final report (electronic media; issued by UILI)
4) Certification / diploma (printed paper; issued by UILI)
5) Shipping charge for 'Certification/ diploma'

6. Samples for analysis
a) Name of test sample (printed on each label):

  1. Sample 1: UILI-ILP-7-2013 drinking water-1
  2. Sample 2: UILI-ILP-7-2013 saline water-2

b) Container of testing sample et al.
c) 100mL of sample is contained in 100mL volume plastic bottle.
d) Participants are requested to measure and report 100ml of original sample solution, both Sample 1 and 2, diluted to 10% by water. An enough solution for measuring 100ml of original sample will be prepared.
e) Report concentration of the 10 times diluted sample solution.

For further information please: Announcement

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