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       Testing 03/04/2013

The final test report is available here: INTERCOMPARISON AQUS-ABSORPTION_1 FINAL REPORT


Letter from Juan Sancho Gil, programme coordinator:

Madrid March 08, 2012

Dear all,

We address all you to inform them of the Intercomparison Programme, AQUS-ABSORPTION_1 that we are going to manage this year from ACUSTILAB, in conjunction with RPS-Qualitas.

Firstly, we consider appropriate to present the organizations that manage the program, ACUSTILAB is the network of laboratories of acoustics, which operates in EUROLAB-Spain, and on the other hand RPS-Qualitas, company dedicated to develop activities of consultancy and technical assistance addressed to laboratories. The main objective of these organizations is to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of laboratories, in all their actions. Set ACUSTILAB – RPS-Qualitas, has as main purpose activities interlaboratorio in the field of acoustics and vibration, conducted with full guarantees according to international standards.

Aware of the extraordinary importance of the results of the intercomparaciones, understood as relating precision for the quality control, we have seen fit to offer this intercomparison, on the measurement of coefficient of sound absorption in reverberant Chamber, to know the State of the art in the implementation of the standardized method, and the degree of proximity of the results obtained by other methods also based on the sound field measurements. As a network of laboratories in acoustics, we believe that it is very important to have data secure precision in the measurement of the absorbing behavior of acoustic materials in the sound field, given its implementation in the acoustic conditioning rooms, as well as in the control of noise.

The programme of intercomparison AQUS-ABSORPTION_1 has a unique scope only and is closed with regard to its implementation, the program itself is specified in detail the planning activities to develop. As most relevant milestone would like to stress that the Organization ACUSTILAB-RPS-Qualitas undertakes to send fitness reports to participants at the end of July, 2012, and in September of the same year it shall convene a final meeting with the participants, when it will decide the publication of the final comprehensive report.

If you are interested in participating please they send the Pre-registration tab of table 1 of annex 1 of the programme duly completed, to the email address . Within seven days of the receipt, the program coordinator will inform you to the relevant laboratory of the acceptance or not to participate in the program. I would ask that they send us The pre-registration sheet under the greater pressure as possible, in order to carry out the registration procedures and to carry out the testing on the scheduled dates.

 Programme and Registration Form 

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