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       Events 11/04/2011
Eurolab General Assembly and Annual Meetings, Istanbul, 11-13 April 2011

The European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories elects new President and discusses its strategy.

The members of the European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories (EUROLAB) have elected a new President to represent 25 national associations all over the Europe. The election was held during the EUROLAB General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey on 12 April 2011.

EUROLAB members unanimously elected a new EUROLAB president, Mr. Jiří Sobola, Managing director of TZUS Prague, as their new President and Mr. Jeff Llewellyn as the new Vice-President. Mr. Jean-Luc Laurent, Managing Director LNE Paris and the outgoing president, who served for the previous four years, will remain on the Board of Administrators.

Addressing the members of EUROLAB, the newly-elected President stated that he would continue promoting EUROLAB’s strategic objectives and being Europe’s leading organisation for the MTA laboratories. Redefining it’s strategic objective and attracting new national laboratories to join common forces. In this respect was created a new Strategic group for better cooperation and flow of information, chaired by Lorens Sibbesen, EUROLAB Denmark, which will propose a strategy for achieving these goals. In addition Mr. Sobola highlighted the importance of the mutual cooperation among the members and necessity to improve the communication towards the national laboratories.

Election of the Vice President, Treasurer and Board of Administrators

During its meeting, the EUROLAB active members, which are the electoral body of the EUROLAB, elected Mr. Jeff Llewellyn as a Vice President. Mr. Llewellyn is President and Chief Executive of the British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA).

The active members also elected Treasurer, Mr. Jan Basten, EUROLAB Netherlands and four members of Board of Administrators, which is the governing body of the Federation.

EUROLAB Technical Committee on Quality Assurance in Testing and Calibration (TCQA)

TCQA, chaired by member of Board of Administrators, Mr. Manfred Golze, BAM, met on April 11, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. During the best attended meeting in the TCQA history, participants discussed various issues such as accreditation and its developments and problems; standardisation, in particular, CASCO activities and ISO draft Technical Report. A substantial part of the meeting was dedicated to the debate on the EUROLAB “Cook Books”, which are guidelines provided by TCQA on a different matters on Laboratory Accreditation and are available at website. Discussion on potential future activities of TCQA was mainly focused on education coordination and possible trainings. Successful meeting was followed by the Gala dinner at Galata tower, organised by Turklab.

EUROLAB General Assembly

TURKLAB, host of EUROLAB General Assembly 2011 and EUROLAB Seminar, joint the Federation in 2004 as an associated member. Mr. Ömer Güzel, president of TURKLAB, represents 98 national laboratories in Turkey.

The General Assembly was followed by EUROLAB Seminar on April 13, 2011. The high level panellists representing national laboratories from the EU and Turkey presented their views on various issues:

  • Who and what are EUROLAB and TURKLAB? (Manfred Golze)
  • Turkish quality infrastructure in relation to EU structures (Ömer Güzel)
  • The impact of Eurolab in the definition of the accreditation requirements (Guy Jacques)
  • EUROLAB and TURKLAB supporting the reliability of test results (Lorens Sibbesen)
  • Accreditation as service in public interest, processes, rules, pricing and Notification process, role of notifying authority (Jiri Sobola)
  • Internal audits, experiences of laboratories (Peter Blinksbjerg)
  • Assessment of laboratories by accreditation bodies (Atakan Baştürk)
  • Measurement of customers’ satisfaction (Magnus Holmgren)

The Seminar was attended by 120 guests from both international and Turkish laboratory sector as the high number of participants demonstrates a general interest to use such a seminar as a platform for exchanging views and sharing experiences.

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